Get Married. That special day that every girl dream. That's why today i introduce you the Cocomelody. website and there all new 2016 wedding dresses.

This special day is always associated with the warmer days of summer... walking by the sea. Get married in the beach must be the most incredible moment in our life. 
Nowadays a lot of people get married in the beach, by the sea and the sand. If you gonna follow the trend and you wishing a perfect beach weeding day, this beautiful beach wedding dresses are perfect for that occasion.

Portugal, France, Italy, England, Switzerland, Germany ... in short, with these destination wedding dresses will be able to be successful anywhere in the world, as the fashion in which the dresses is concerned, is very similar in many parts of world.
In this website you can find a lot of weeding dresses with diferent styles. The Grace Luxury, Faith, Adorare, Lily White, SLB Studio... They are all very different but also perfect for every body type.

Do you like the Cocomelody dresses? Check out there Sales Campaign.

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